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Dave Pratt named “Grower of the Year 2007” April 27th, 2007, by the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce Ag Council at the Ag Roundtable Annual Dinner

Dave Pratt received Special Recognition for his Achievement in Agriculture by the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce at their Annual Awards Dinner on December 12, 2007, at the Sequioia Restaurant. Dave Bolster presented the award saying praising Dave for “his business skills and success in creating dkcellars, for his commitment to the ED county agriculture industry, his community service and for his public service with the Ag Commission”. Dave was also commended and recognized for his leadership role with various issues such as the General Plan process, the winery ordinance and currently with Oak Woodlands..

About Us

Their passion for wine began innocently enough when they attended a Passport Weekend in the Sierra Foothills. Living in Placerville, the heart of the Foothills, they knew about wine and the wineries around them but…not all that much. “Rainy days were made for wine tasting. We’d go to the local wineries and just hang out. And that’s how the story begins for Dave and Kim Pratt of dkcellars (D for Dave, K for Kim) in Fair Play, a little town and newly recognized appellation in the Sierra Foothills.

As Dave and Kim grew more intrigued with the winemaking process they volunteered at local promotional events and helped with crush. They watched, asked questions, and listened well.

Years of absorbing the winemaking lifestyle had affected an itch in Dave. Born a self-starter and still searching for what he really wanted to do when he grew up, he knew he needed something that was intriguing, challenging, and immensely rewarding. Dave began taking extension courses from UC Davis; he thought making wine might be the answer.

They bought a vineyard and renamed it Pratt Vineyards (a vanity move). Dave’s itch was being scratched. “They” say footprints in the soil are a sign of a good vineyard. Dave and Kim walk and work their vines diligently, leaving a lasting impression of themselves upon their wines.

Kim did all the non-vineyard work as well as designing the labels and seeing to the marketing. Her design of the label and corresponding color-coded neck wrap are very eye-catching and market savvy. Together, Dave and Kim were proving themselves to be a very good team.

A unique approach but one that personifies their techie background.

Kim and Dave!

Kim and Dave!


Old World Traditions, New World Wines

Creating wines that honor the centuries old traditions starts in the vineyard. The decisions throughout the growing season build towards specific harvest goals for constructing our cellar worthy wines. Once picked, the juice is transformed into wine over the next 2 to 3 years through extended aging in selected small oak barrels. After bottling, the wine settles into its new environment for more aging, typically another 1 to 2 years. Our commitment is to release the wines when they are ready and ONLY when they are ready to enjoy. Old world traditions, new world wines.